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#1 – BONUS-High converting funnel with personal splash pages

Get access to all our pre-made template capture pages that you can add the share code and copy with one click. Edit them as you like and use them to build your own list and get new paying members!


This is leverage at it’s finest. Just Follow our Training to apply traffic to your pages, and enjoy the commissions!!!

There is no simpler or cost effective way to make money online. We’ve tried it all. We give you EVERYTHING you need on a silver platter.   

#2 – BONUS- FREE Promo Codes forever for over 500 Viral Mailers and Safelists

Do you want THOUSANDS of Dollars Worth of Advertising Including:

MILLIONS of Ad Credits!!

THOUSANDS of Surf Credits

THOUSANDS of Mailing Credits!!

THOUSANDS of Banner & Text Ad Views


Get FREE Promo Codes forever for over 500 Viral Mailers and Safelists which will save you hours of clicking.

Most of them are high converting sites and you can find them ONLY in our Team’s Training Member Area in the Prosperity Marketing System

#3 – BONUS –Send a Broadcast email weekly to your entire downline 5 levels deep

Our bonuses are onverying Follow up emails and Email swipes You can find email swipes and follow up emails in your Training Member Area in the Prosperity Marketing System

Just load follow up emails into your autoresponder of choice, or use email swipes to promote our Team’s Prosperity Marketing System funnel and you’ll automatically see an obscene increase in conversions. 

The Prosperity Marketing System will automatically send out an email series on your behalf too.

#4 – Bonus – How to get targeted friends in your business FB account and post in FB groups

We will tell you how to get targeted friends on FaceBook step by step. You can find the training in the training area of the Prosperity Marketing System

#5 – BONUS-Get basic training on how to promote on Safelists and Viral Mailers and have results

You will Get basic training on how to promote on safelists and viral mailers and have results

You will learn how to filter your emails and click for credits faster

Your referrals will have access to the training area on

Stand out from the crowd and successfully run your business from home

#6 – BONUS -Free book “How To Master And Dominate Traffic Sources.

You will get our book “How To Master And Dominate Traffic Sources.

We share our experiance about various traffic sources in this book.

The book is full with helpful links of various free sources which will help you to get better understanding about each traffic source

After finishing it you will get a sense of various traffic sources and you can choose the one you FIND the best


#7 – BONUS -16 steps to Six figures training

We’ve got an amazing free training for you called “The Steps to Six Figures.

It makes it easy for you to master The 5 Critical Skills to create amazing offers and get referrals, leads and sales, so you can consistently make passive income.

If you’ve been struggling with creating compelling sales pages, email campaigns, advertising and communication with your leads, then this free training is the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you decide to do what FEW other people do and really study marketing, you will find that ALL THE ANSWERS you’ve been “dying” to find, are in these Steps to Six Figures.

#6 – BONUS -Free book “How To Master And Dominate Traffic Sources.

#8 – BONUS -Weekly Training

To succeed in your business regardless you are a CEO and business owner, affiliate marketer, network marketer, sell your own products or services you need to master the Copywriting and Marketing skills on how to 

Create Lead Magnet Pages 

Build your list and communicate with it 

Create Compelling Offers 

Build Sales Funnels 

Promote Your Funnels 

Every week you will get the lesson with the assignment that will help you to master one or more of these skills. The lessons will be easy to understand. The time you will need to complete the assignments will vary depending on it. It is up to you if you will follow the instructions and move forward.

Why should you start with this training at all? Every day you are bombarded with training, offers, tools that will help you earn online. All of them promise you will get results. You are overwhelmed and you want to try everything believing the next software, program, tool is the missing piece for your success. With these weekly pieces of training, you will get clear instructions on what to do and how to do it. You will have assignments you will need to do after every training. From that time, you will start seeing the difference and get more confident because you will know how to write effective copy and how marketing works online and offline. .

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